Business Protection Plans

If something were to happen to you today, what would happen to your business? Would it be business as usual? If you have a business partner, would they be all right if your spouse became their partner or could they afford to buy your share? Would your spouse, kids, or next of kin be able to take over your business?

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These are just a few questions we ask our clients when beginning to talk about Business Protection Plans. Business Protection doesn’t just protect the business, but also business partners and families.

We want to help you ensure the business can continue. We want you to be confident your business is set up for success and any partners are taken care of if something were to happen to you.


What we do

We go beyond insurance when it comes to your business. We’ll talk about estate planning, transition planning, tax implications and more. In order to help us build the best protection plan, we’ll look at business ownership, long term business plans and estate equalization.

Connect with us today by reaching out to one of our Wealth Protection Specialists or fill in our Contact Us form and we'll have someone connect with you within one business day.


I wish we would have had a conversation about critical illness coverage - we would have paid anything to have had it. The financial burden and stress of dealing with finances has been an unthinkable hardship on top of caring for our young family after a cancer diagnosis.

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